Tullahoma Industries strives to employ state of the art technology in every facet of the manufacturing process. We have amassed the largest Eton Unit Production System of any Military Contractor in North America. Eton is a material handling system designed to eliminate manual transportation, and minimize handling and through-put time. It radically increases productivity, and ensures an optimal workflow. Further, the system allows line managers to view critical production information in real time, allowing management decisions to be made immediately and effectively.

Tullahoma Industries has a commitment of continuous improvement. We have aggressively invested in automation. We have purchased and developed some of the most technologically advanced machinery in the industry. This equipment has not only had a tremendous impact on our productivity, it has also allowed us to improve the overall quality of our products. Automation provides the same quality sew every time. At Tullahoma Industries we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We are ISO-9001:2008 certified. Please see our video to see our Eton and automation in action.